Brian "The Obie" Obiedzenski Racing

We are very proud to be sponsoring "The Obie" during the 2017 Racing year! Brian Obiedzenski known simply as "Obie" is a North Carolina NASCAR Home Tracks Driver. Obie competes in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


As quoted from Brian Obiedzenski Racing Facebook page: 


"So the 2016 NASCAR race season ended a few weeks back, and we ran some off season non points races following the season. This past weekend we closed the chapter on the season. The off season lasted about 3 days. Tonight we have a very exciting announcement about the 2017 season. We are over the moon thrilled to announce our newest sponsor to the 29 team. 

Quacks & Racks will be aboard the 29 ride for the entire duration of the 2017 campaign across the region. Quacks & Racks is based in Bunn, North Carolina and supplies great looking hunting and outdoor apparel to those who love the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Clothing is not the extent of what Donna & Rick carry. Quacks & Racks also carries a full line of game calls, lanyards and field spray for active hunters. 

Those of you who know and follow this 29 team know that we represent companies we feel are good in the community. Quacks & Racks is a local company that represents North Carolina and its beautiful landscape well. We look forward to proudly carrying the logo on the Chevrolet in 2017 and are excited to have a great group of people backing us on track.


Check them on on Instagram :@QuacksAndRacks

Also visit the website to check out what these folks have to offer.

The entire 29 team is very appreciative of Quacks & Racks and so excited to have you join this team. #Obie #GreenArmy"