Pro Staff Information

Find out how to become a Q&R Pro Staffer

What are the requirements to qualify to be a Q&R ProStaff Member?

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Must have a significant social media following

  • Must practice quality wildlife management

  • Must support and promote wildlife conservation and moral/ethical hunting

  • Must encourage and introduce hunting to new hunters, women, and children

  • Must always practice gun safety

  • Must have a clean legal background

  • Must abide by all local hunting laws and regulations

  • Must Provide references and “Hunting Resume” (Videos, photos, experience)

  • Guided Hunt, Video, Photography, Marketing experience is a plus!



What are the responsibilities of a Pro Staff Member?

  • Promote Quacks & Racks in your local and regional area

  • Act as Independent Sales Rep for the Quacks & Racks brand

  • Connect Quacks & Racks with retailers in your area (Maintain a relationship with those retailers)  10% commission if retailer chooses to place an order.

  • Video and Photograph hunts, submit these to Q&R for use on social media,, and other promotional purposes

  • Promote Quacks & Racks on social media and other available portals

  • May be asked to make an appearance if Q&R is working a trade show in your area.

  • Must actively pursue new retailers and new customers, introducing them to Quacks & Racks

  • Must file monthly reports to Quacks & Racks LLC


What are the benefits to being a ProStaffer?

  • Free Q&R Gear (Shirts, Hats, Decals, Calls, etc…)

  • Free Promotional Products to share with others  (Decals, Koozies, Flyers, Coupons, etc…)

  • Notifications of all new products

  • Discounts on

  • Featured on Q&R Crew page on

  • 10% Commission on all wholesale orders placed by new retailers referred to Q&R (ProStaffer will maintain a relationship with the retailer and receive 10% commission on every bulk order placed by that retailer within the first 3 months)

  • Rewards accrued for referring new paying customers to



A ProStaffer will be dismissed in the event that….

- A Pro Staff Member may decide to leave our Pro Staff at any time vouluntarily, please give advance notice if this is the case.

- The Pro is involved with any act, web post, or legal issue that may reflect poorly on Quacks & Racks LLC

- they are suspected of not following their requirements

- If Quacks & Racks LLC has reason to believe that the person is not actively pursuing, carrying out their responsibilities.

- ProStaffer is subject to be dismissed at any time without prior notice and without explanation.





Download and complete your application
Submit your application and other required documents to

or by mail to :
Quacks & Racks ProStaff

Rick & Donna Wade
599 Alford Mill Road
Bunn NC, 27508