Joel Porter: Crown Creek Kennels

Crown Creek Kennels is located in Cherryville, NC. Our Kennels are located on 46 acres with access to over 2000 trainable acres.


We typical train five days a week at different locations daily, so your dog will see as many different set ups in a week as possible.


My goal with your retriever is to provide you with a well rounded hunting partner and also to provide a dog that has enough manners to be taken out into public.


There is nothing worst than to take a dog out, placed in a duck blind, goose pit, dove field, or at your child's ballgame that wants to run off, not listen, or could care less about what you are hunting for.


Our typical schedule is yard work and drills in the morning with at least one full set of marks in the afternoon. Marks may be a land or water series.


If Crown Creek Kennels sounds like the place for your hunting partner feel free to give us a call. If at anytime a question comes up about retrievers, or you are looking for a new dog we are always glad to be of assistance.